Let me tell you why Firo is best girl

Warining: This post may cause the reader's nate to become red, sore, and possibly even bleed if said reader believes that raphtalia is best girl therefore making them a raphfag. This post may also cause cancer, diarrhea, or vomiting after taking in the truth that is "Firo is best girl". You may also experience a … Continue reading Let me tell you why Firo is best girl


(Spoilers) Rising of the Shield Hero Predictions

Today I discuss how I feel the first seven episodes play out, along with how deep the anime will go in Tate no Yuusha.


13 Arguments Against Lolicon and Why I Think They’re Full of Shit:

Here I discuss a few arguments and explain why I don't like them. Divided between Mental and Physical, the Mental arguments are definitely the worst.

Eromanga-sensei Review

Spoiler warning. This is about the manga, not anime. Click an image to see the pixiv source, or otherwise, booru source. Author - Tsukasa Fushimi Artist - Rin Status - Ongoing Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life, Loli Translated - 37 chapters Title: Eromanga-sensei Amazon People keep calling this series "incest", even though … Continue reading Eromanga-sensei Review

Manga Reading List

This is a list of manga that I am currently reading, along with the current chapter I have read. This will (hopefully) be updated every week and newly completed series will be added. Reading: Rental Onii-chan 6 Kyou Kara Ore wa Loli no Himo! 1 Uchi no Hentai Maid ni Osowareteru 3 Hataraku Saibou 1 … Continue reading Manga Reading List