I am an anime fan who doesn’t like the anime community. Censorship is evil and I shall say whatever the hell I want, faggot.

I think I’ve decided what I want to do with this website. Though it should have come obvious to me, I’ve chosen manga and lolis. I shall try to post about lolis when possible, and otherwise manga. If I cannot do either, then I’ll post about other books. As it relates to both topics, I will obviously also be posting my story on here whenever available.

Furthermore, I will be getting into translating. Partially for fun, mostly to learn Japanese. So if you see shitty translations of series already translated by veterans, don’t mind it. Though I will try to do series that haven’t been translated yet or the translation seem to have been dropped.

It was pretty hard to decide on a topic. After all, I’ve got so many projects, I’m surprised I didn’t end up going with a multi-topic blog including loli, manga, OSRS, TCG, art, etc. Sometime in the future, I do want to make blogs for the rest, though.

Anyway, I will be posting a schedule whenever I figure one out. Have a valid day.

Monday – Manga/Loli
Wednesday – Top X
Saturday – Anything Goes
Random – Art
Monthly – Monthly read, translations