I am an anime/manga fan who isn’t too fond of the community. I am a free-speech absolutist and lolicon enthusiast. Freedom of speech is not a one-way street. Art deserves defending.

Who is blog about? – The main theme is censorship and free-speech. More specifically, it will often include anime/lolicon censorship topics, but I may branch out from that from time to time (video games, novels, youtubers/e-celebs, etc). Main take away is that this website is pro-free-speech. While it may not seem like it, posts relating to my projects (which I will be posting them as well) more often than not are also based around this topic. Also you can expect a random review of manga whenever I feel like making one.

Who is this blog for? – Well, as you could tell from the previous question, lolicon fans as well as anime fans in general. Anyone who cares about freedom of speech, rather than just claiming to, *cough* Sargon *cough* Dankula *cough* Torba. Sorry I’m kinda sick at the moment.