March goals

So today (February 26, 2019 for the normies reading this) is the first of March on the international fixed calendar, the one I’ve been going on for the past month so far. As such I thought it would be nice to give a goal report.

Goals have changed a bit

My overall goals have changed once more. (I seem to change them every month) But this time, it’s more that I have a goal for each area of my life that I care to involve myself.

That is- education, business, fitness, relationships, and personal.

For now though, business and education are basically one and the same, they’re both dedicated to learning something.

Having read 2/3 of the The ONE Thing thus far, I’ve decided to make one area of my life more important than the second and the second more important than the third and this is what I’ve got:

Having gotten that thought of, I had to change my calendar a bit to fit this new way of looking at my life.

First, third, and fifth of each week are dedicated to learning and reading. I still want to get some programming in say, 30 minutes.

Second and fourth of each week are dedicated to business and programming. I will be spending at least 10 hours on it. I still want to get some reading done say, 30 minutes.

Sixth and seventh days of each week will be for either relationships or personal.

February Report

Listen to Libertarian Mind (Failed.) I found out in this month that I really, really dislike audiobooks. They’re monotonous and hard to concentrate even when I’m doing nothing but listening. As such, I have decided to stick with ebooks and paperback/hardcover.

Brush my teeth every day (Failed.) I almost could have succeeded, but I did miss a day or two.

Read every chapter of Automate The Boring Stuff with Python (Failed.) Oh boy three failures in a row. I got to the later chapters, but eventually stopped reading and started actually programming and I am proud to say that I’ve got a functional program that I can call my own.

Continue posting twice a day on Waifu365 (Failed, hard.) I gave up entirely on this project. It wasn’t doing me any good, so I dropped it.

Create a bot for Waifu365 (Failed.) I haven’t gotten close to starting that project, I don’t know why I thought it was a good idea for the same month that I started learning python.

Create a calculator (Failed.) I technically succeeded in that I got one to work in the terminal, but if I wanted a terminal calculator, I could’ve just used the terminal’s interactive python mode thing as a calculator.

Create a blog post about something other than goal setting (Succeeded.) Finally a success, 1/7 not bad. Though it was a joke post, it was still a post nonetheless.

After seeing this list of failures, I have decided that I don’t want to make too many goals and I do want to make some punishments and rewards. More on that later.

March goals

Finally we can talk about the goals I have for myself this month. I will be dividing it between the areas of my life that they are based around. I will be considering programming related goals under business.


I will learn CSS and the tools of programming (Shell, Git, Github, and Sublime Text)


I will learn more about Python, specifically web scraping and fundamental modules.

I will start a blog series, “Conjecture review”, where I try out a website or app and talk about what I like and don’t like about it in a month. This month is Mastodon.

I will as a result of the one above, be using Mastodon any chance I get, so long as it doesn’t interfere with my work. Goal for this is to be on Mastodon for an hour each day and try out new features.


I will walk 30 miles or 14 hours.

Well I said I would have less goals and I did, last month I had 7 this month I have 6. Take that.


In this section I want to talk about punishments and rewards. I don’t really have many ideas, especially for punishments. But I’ll just add onto this list as I think about them.

How punishments will work is, if I fail a certain number of goals, I’ll have a list of punishments and number them. Place the highest number on (hell I’ll create a program for this even) and do the punishment that corresponds. Rewards I could either do the same or reward myself by my own choice.

So since this month is 6 goals, I shall do a punishment at 3 failures. If I fail all 6, I have to do two punishments. Rewards will be received at 5 successes and a second at 6.


Be outside the house for 24 hours
No computer for a day
Donate to some shitty service
Be outside for a night (21 to 5)
No food for a day
Throw away or sell something

Links and shit



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