Let me tell you why Firo is best girl

Warining: This post may cause the reader’s nate to become red, sore, and possibly even bleed if said reader believes that raphtalia is best girl therefore making them a raphfag. This post may also cause cancer, diarrhea, or vomiting after taking in the truth that is “Firo is best girl”. You may also experience a certain twinge in the heart, but really it’s more like a twinge in the brain, if you get offended at the idea of lewding lolis and think that anime girls are real for some reason. If any of the follow occurs, consult a doctor or in the case of the last sentence, a psychiatrist.

In case you don’t know who Firo is, she is the bird/horse/chocobo/loli/angel character just introduced in the latest episode of Tate no Yuusha (episode 5). People have been calling Raphtalia “best girl of the season” “best girl of the year” “my daughter”, but I’m prepared to give you my reasons why these people are completely retarded and that’s because Firo is all of those things, not Raphtalia.

First off MY daughter is a bird AND a forever-loli. Meaning she can get me wet, and she can get furries wet. Myne is a bitch and Raphtalia stopped being a loli after one episode. FIRO IS THE ONLY WAY.

Second, she’s a bird horse, meaning she can pull carriages and simply run fast as fuck. You can’t use Raphtalia as a living car, can you? NO. Only Firo can be a living car, fuck your daughter.

Third, no matter how much she eats, she does not get fat, instead that shit goes straight to her bird form, leaving her loli form intact.

Fourth, that bitch is naked. I’ve never seen Myne naked despite Naofumi being accused of rape.

Finally, she kicked that loser Motoyasu like it was nothing and he didn’t do shit because he feared for his life. Did Raphtalia do that? HELL NO.

Well those are the reasons that everyone claiming Raphtalia is best girl are wrong and should feel bad about themselves. Think about what you’ve done, Raphfags. If you don’t agree with me, then you’re just plain wrong because my opinion of objective truth.

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3 thoughts on “Let me tell you why Firo is best girl

  1. Sacrilege and lies. As a loyal follower of Atlas-sama, I must object to your above statements and arguments, only to tell you that the truth is you have mistaken one loli for another. SPOILERS AHEAD

    Atlas is also a very beautiful, cute, eternal loli who remains even after she died her tragic death defending Naofumi. She, like Firo, is cute, lasts forever, and can use magic that literally only the most powerful humans could use to get on the level of other heroes. Filo is cool and all, but can Firo compete against enemies, finding their fatal weaknesses and easily winning over those with the strength of heroes? Perhaps, as she also learned hengen musou. But can she raise a finger against atlas? No. It’s already been proven your beloved Firo got her bird butt kicked by a little girl.

    Second, Firo doesn’t hold a candle to Atlas’s intelligence. Firo is quite literally a bird brain and is about as bright as a sack of bricks. Can she compare to Atlas’s raw, talented militaristic intellect? No.

    Third, Atlas is the best of both worlds, giving a compromise for disgusting furries before her death and a beautiful, amazing loli after her death. How can Firo compete against that?

    Lastly, she beat the crap out of the hero of the scythe, whip, and claw, utterly destroyed the piece of shit that is Tact and then proceeded to literally help Naofumi travel across universes. Dream on, mistaken Firo lover.
    A loyal Atlas fan

    P.S I think Midori would look better than Firo in bird form. Just sayin’.

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      1. But, atlas technically can to, can’t she? In fact, her sensing abilities are even praised to be better than normal vision, aren’t they?


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