January Report and February Goals

This post was written on February 9th on the International Fixed Calendar

So I’ve recently decided to try out the International Fixed Calendar thing. It’s kinda weird and confusing for me right now, but I hope that it’ll make sense over time. It’s definitely going to be a struggle considering I have a normal calendar on my computer and I’m constantly needing to stick to normal calendar for certain things.

Along with IFC, I’ve also decided to make a calendar for my wall using index cards containing my goals for each day. My plan is to take an index card, formerly pasted on my wall using a push-pin, for the day and replace it for that day of next month, so that there aren’t blank spaced on the wall. Using the today’s card to keep track of what I’ve done as per usual with daily goals, discarding it when the day is dead (for me, that’s around 3AM). I don’t know, it’s not revolutionary, but I thought it was a nice idea to try and the idea arrived because of the IFC so I thought it might be good to bring up on here.

Now, onto the main topic of this post. January’s goal report.

Goals I succeeded at:
– Posting twice daily on my waifu365 instagram and twitter.
– Reading The Millionaire Fastlane
– Writing a blog post

Goals I didn’t succeed at:
– I walked quite a bit compared to last year, but I certainly didn’t walk every day last month.
– I didn’t consume any programming related content except a few on-off courses on udemy, some of which I plan to continue, but not right now.

Now, my goals for this month (it’s a little late coming, but better late than never):

– I will listen to The Libertarian Mindset audiobook

– I will read The Millionaire Fastlane chapter 16 every day (as a goal to go through the book many times, making sure I completely understand it, I’m choosing chapter 16 to start off because that’s when the fastlane segment begins).

– I will walk every day for 30 minutes.

– I will brush my teeth every day (admittedly I have been very, very naughty in this aspect for years. I feel sorry for my peers, and I feel sorry for my teeth.) I’m sticking to once a day for now because I’m still trying to build the habit.

– I will read all of Automate The Boring Stuff with Python (I’m currently on chapter four)

– I will continue posting twice daily on my Instagram and Twitter account for Waifu365

– I will create a post bot for my instagram and twitter so I no longer have to worry about it.

– I will create a python calculator so I do not have to Google because Linux’s calculator seems to take forever to open.

– I will create a blog post (unrelated to goal setting). Possible candidates:
A “Conjecture Review”
A personal blog post
Something loli related
Something censorship related

Misc links:
Gregorian to International Fixed Calendar conversion.

Social links:
Main Twitter
Waifu365 Twitter
Waifu365 Instagram


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