(Spoilers) Rising of the Shield Hero Predictions

The main characters.

So I haven’t been watching a whole lot of anime lately, for about a year, give or take, I’ve just been too lazy. However, having read 254 chapters of the story, Tate no Yuusha, and being a fan of the web novel series, I was of course excited as shit when I heard about an anime adaptation.

This is not a review, though if you want my opinion on the show, all you need to know is that I would rate it a 10/10 and say it’s probably within my top 5 anime and will be the best series of 2019. I don’t typically like to rate shows unless it’s a deep love (Oreimo, Nisekoi, this) or deep hatred (Konosuba).

What this post is about, is a short view of what I think the anime will show and won’t show. Of course that means this post contains spoilers, so do not proceed if you are not a fan of them. Let’s just get into it.

So it seems to be two manga chapters (probably light novel chapters as well) per episode, though I could be entirely wrong on this since it’s based solely on the first two episodes, but that is the basis of my predictions.

As such, with 25 episodes, the anime will depict 50 chapters of the manga, which is where we are currently with the scanlators on mangadex. I haven’t read the light novel, so I don’t know how many chapters it is in there, but I believe someone on youtube has noticed a similar pattern with the LN.

That brings us to the intro of the Spirit Turtle arc. This pains me because that means I will not get to see one of my favourite arcs realized unless we get a season two. Originally, I believed the series would end at the first defeat of the three heroes church and the queen joining the show, perhaps the king and princess being renamed, but that has completely changed if the two chapter per episode pattern continues.

Episode three will have Raphtalia grow up and be hit on by Motoyasu at the Dragon Hourglass. It will also have the first wave Naofumi will fight in.

Episode four will have a celebration of victory of the wave, where Naofumi and Motoyasu will have a duel.

Episode five is where best girl Firo comes in.

Episode six, the main character will fight an undead dragon, obtaining the wrath shield.

And episode seven, Firo will defeat the dragon. This is also the episode Melty, the true princess, comes in.

If the show comes as I planned out in this post, then we can expect it to finished after the Cal Mira Island arc, and as stated, the beginning of the Spirit Turtle arc. If it starts to eventually turn into single chapter episodes, this idea will be turned completely upside down and it will likely end far sooner. Either way I don’t see why they would show the queen in the opening unless we actually see her in the story.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got based on the pattern I’ve seen in the first two episodes and it could change from episode 3 onward. What are your predictions, if you have read the manga or light novel? Knowledge of the WN probably won’t get us far considering the show’s based on the the LN and they’re a bit different.


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3 thoughts on “(Spoilers) Rising of the Shield Hero Predictions

  1. I sincerely hope that it doesn’t play out exactly the way you said, because that would guarantee that there would be no second season, and the anime would be destroyed.

    The way the LN progresses and the WN progresses is vastly different, We already know that the anime will have 25 episodes, and the trailer implies it ends right before the Spirit Turtle arc. However, I read the LN up to volume 9 and, well, I have bad news.

    The WN and LN are mostly the same until naofumi gets to Cal Mira island, which is where the LN and WN starts greatly deviating. The LN was originally much faster ( I would argue a bit too fast as it kinda ruins the character development, but the anime seemed to deal with it pretty well) and the WN continues on the normal pace, while the LN drops a bomb, introducing a character that wasn’t originally introduced in the WN, pushing the agenda forward to set up for another fight that happened anyways and dropping hints for us, the reader. The main difference from the WN is that the LN introduces a lot of new characters to help pace and push the plot agenda which is great and all. Until you get to the 5th volume (spirit turtle arc)

    In the WN, the spirit turtle battle was ~12 stages and relatively drawn out with a bit wonky progression, but it was pretty good overall. The WN changes it to a 30 stage boss fight, took 2 and a half novels, and had a relatively smooth advancement that was unbearable because of the way it progressed, through tons of coincidences, accidents, and lucky breaks. Afterwards, the author decided it would be a great idea to have 50 page fights, and fill the rest with which can only be described as fluffiness and floof, that didn’t really deliver anything special and was really just bland, boring filler. Character development comes to a grinding halt, and naofumi does not become the evil, wicked, laughs-at-others misfortune that we WN readers know and love. He instead becomes a borderline kirito surrounded by a harem that no longer functions like it did in the WN where he treated them as his companions who all had very strong and likeable characters, and instead uses them to fill the pages of the LN by using them for fluff, floof, and a general uninteresting waste of time . Especially when I got to the eighth volume, I started having a harder time reading because the amount of named characters in the novel had already reached the triple digits and I was starting to get a headache trying to remember who did what.

    If the anime follows the LN, second season will be an abysmal disaster that I won’t even spend time watching. However, I think the company directing Tate no Yuusha will be wary because of their past 1-good 1-bad anime releases, where they fell into the trap of trying to make harem anime which failed miserably and then made actual good anime with great stories (such as Made In Abyss, their most recent project.) These are just my thoughts, however, and I’d love to hear what you have to say.

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    1. If the LN goes past the spirit turtle arc, I don’t see why they wouldn’t have a season two, someone on the team said they would like to animate everything. Though that could be me misinterpreting what he said. Now if the LN’s spirit turtle arc is lesser quality than the WN, I would prefer the anime either take from WN or go their own path with the arc (if and when a season two happens). Same goes for the curse series (7 deadly sins?) arc if there’s really that many characters in the LN. I thought it was bad with the WN, but apparently the LN took it many steps further.

      Not having read the LN, my knowledge is solely from the manga and WN. That said, I heard the manga was based on the LN, so maybe it’s the same, or maybe it’s changed as well. But I’ll be going off the former. I didn’t like the changes in the Cal Mira Isle arc either, but I’m relatively indifferent to that arc as a whole, so they can do whatever they want with it. I do hope the anime takes a different, better path with it though.

      I often throughout the WN since the queen came in, felt that Naofumi’s way out of misery was forced and the queen’s debut basically made his struggles and effort to escape them irrelevant. I don’t know, I don’t see many people (or anyone for that matter), saying the same so maybe I’m just being an idiot. Plus he’s still hated by the other heroes and the king and princess at that point, so it’s not like everyone is okay with him.

      In the end, I’m sure they’ll change things in the anime as well. I hope they do, anyway. I don’t wanna see my two favourite arcs destroyed </3

      Not having read the light novel nor getting that deep into the manga (the translator has too many projects and as such they take a while to update) I have no idea how far it will diverge from the original, I will say Cal Mira arc gave me some culture shock seeing how different it was. I think it still had the pub scene which is obviously the most important part of the entire arc. I wouldn't be surprised if more was changed.

      Honestly I don't know how to feel about changing from the original source, it's understandable when most people say the original is written like trash, but at the same time I like how the WN did things. Based on what you've told me, the changes to come will not be very good. I really enjoyed the Spirit Turtle and the arc after it is called, I would assume something like curse or 7 deadly sins.

      I do agree that there are a lot of characters being introduced in the curse arc, I didn't find it to be that bad. An army of lolis is always nice, plus it wasn't without reason. He did it for Raphtalia, I think. But shit if they made it in the triple digits, I wouldn't even attempt to remember their names (I hardly do anyway). I'm not a fan of that either. Hopefully the anime will change things up a bit as well, having less characters than the LN.


  2. Oh yeah. The village. Completely forgot about that. In the “Rise Of The OP Demi-Human Private Wave Combatting Elite Task Force” and the “Seven Deadly Sins” arc, there were quite a few changes, to. Kiel basically got thrown out as a character (she’s mentioned occasionally here and there, but is really now insignificant). Otherwise the villagers are more easily referred to as “the village army” than actual characters.

    I’m pretty sure the Seven Deadly Sins arc you mentioned is what everyone else cass the “I am Mad Scientist. It’s so Coooooool, Sunnuvabitch Arc” where naofumi goes batshit crazy, and everyone loved. I think the author knew this, which is why he mostly kept it the same in the light novel (up to volume 10, I stopped reading in volume 10) which actually becomes a pretty bad thing, believe it or not. As I mentioned above, the village characters don’t really have much personality or traits to go off of. For example, if Sadina or Fohl (Atlas’s brother) it would be a really big blow and we’d all be sad. In the LN it would be a very “eh~ whatever” feel to it. Although many of the new characters are there (only about 2 which I was emotionally attached to) it just didn’t feel the same as the WN, where I felt the outcome’s backlash (losing a ton of money) was of a higher value than the entire arc, a complete waste of time.

    Speaking of wastes of time, let’s talk about the story pacing. The entire volume 10 was dedicated to the “I am Mad Scientist. It’s so Coooooool, Sunnuvabitch Arc” which actually screwed up the story. I forgot to mention the important side character (another obligatory “hahaha im a piece of shit” character) to relate back to the new plot changes in volume 5, and he’s important because he is one of the contributing factors that made volume 6-7 (spirit turtle fight) wayyy too long. What I want to emphasise here is not that the spirit turtle arc was trash (which it was) but rather it took a lot of time. in 8 and 9, they focus on him again, which is a good idea, introducing new main characters and advancing the plot, except it took forever because there had to at least be one 50 page fight in each volume and refused to advance without the fluff. At least there was a bit of time to relax. And then they brought in the arc everybody loved which kinda failed, because it slowed the plot down and objectively contributed nothing.

    Unless you’re like me (complete wEaBoO maniac who memorised and remembered every single character) at this point, you won’t remember the main characters of the next arc. Take a guess. Can’t remember what happens next? it’s the Houou arc where all the heroes come together and are supposed to go to seven stars, which leads to tact (piece of shit) and then finally to the grand revelation of the series (and then Ark’s Arc :D). At this point however, I really can’t see any first-time reader remembering who Itsuki, Ren, And Motoyasu are. I intentionally put that backwards so your mind would skip a beat until you remembered that they’re the other 3 heroes and nobody would even remember them at this point.

    I mean, this would probably be bearable if the author was good at fights, but his forte is kingdom building.
    All in all, i’m sorry about your favorite arc (it was my favorite arc too) was kinda put to shit.

    I really hope that the anime producer mixes-and-matches things, except that would be akin to completely re-writing the series and you can see how well that turned out even when the original creator himself tried to do that. However, I still want to cling on to the small hope that he’s actually following the WN, and the accelerated scenes are just the director’s decision because it’s an anime and we need to move things along, that this entire time the relation between the anime and the Manga/LN chapters are just a coincidence. Either way, we’ll know by the time we get to Cal Mira island. On the boat to Cal Mira actually, as I recall. We can still hope, right?


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