Goals for 2019

Another year another chance to fail at my goals. At risk of increasing my chances to fail them, I am recklessly making this post to share my goals.

This is an updated (February 6th) set of goals for myself, hopefully I will not create more in the future. Many are similar to old ones, just with differences that you can compare with the older ones at the bottom of the page. Some are the same, and some are completely different, I’m sure.

I will easily learn full-stack web development by the end of 2019. I’ve already got basics of HTML and some of the basics of CSS down along with some Python.
Planned timeline (will likely change as I go):

February – Python
March – Python
April – HTML/CSS
May – Javascript
June – Javascript
July – SQL
August – SQL
September and beyond – Possibly more advanced stuff

I will listen to or read 13 books this year. To do this, I must read a book every month. More would be great.

I will read 320 articles this year. To do this, I must read an article every day.

I will create 13 blog posts this year. To do this, I must create a blog post every month. Goal-setting posts do not count.

I will post two or three kirino images on my waifu365 twitter and instagram.

I will walk 30 minutes or a mile every day this year.

Old goals:

I will easily finish The Odin Project by the end of 2019. To do this I need to finish a project within 3 days, however being as important as it is, I shall go for at least one project/lesson every day. This is the most important goal on my list and as such I will put most of effort into it.

I will easily make at least 2 posts on my Waifu365 twitter and instagram accounts. This is not an annual goal per se, but it is a habit-forming goal that will be participated in all year. To make this easier, I will be using IFTTT in order to have my twitter posts automatically post on instagram too. This helps because I need to use my phone less and getting the images onto my phone is a hassle, as is posting the same thing twice. Both can be found @waifu365. 2019 is Kirino’s year.

I will easily walk at least 20 minutes or a mile every day. Again another non-annual, habit-forming goal. But it’s nice to get exercise.

I will easily read 12 or more books this year. To do this, I obviously need to read at least one book every month. Putting things into perspective, that means 14 pages every day for 400 pages a book, though the amount of pages is variable, making the pages per day variable. I will be going for 50 pages a day, though if I go a bit lower than that, it’s not an issue.

I will easily got to at least 4 meetups in attempt to get better at socializing and form more real life connections. To do this, I will need to go to a group every season, or three months. Technically I could go to 4 groups in one month, but I would like to at least spread it out a bit.

I will easily watch 4 or more udemy courses. As they are often vastly different in time length, this could get highly variable. One course could be 2 hours, while another could be upwards 200. I find that the average course that I am interested in is around 30 – 40 hours, meaning I can get them done in a month with 1.5 hours or so a day. I’m keeping it low, because this isn’t a very important goal for me until I get The Odin Project finished. Otherwise I would be saying about 12 courses or more.

I will easily make at least 12 blogs posts this year. This requires 1 post a month. Not much, I know, but it’s far more than I have been doing. Better to ease into things imo. Goal related posts will not count as they don’t have anything do with censorship, lolis, or manga/anime.


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