13 Arguments Against Lolicon and Why I Think They’re Full of Shit:

Image of Mallow from Pokemon, drawn by the artist Aposine on DeviantArt.

First off thank you to Burger-Meister for giving me the motivation to finally make this sort of post. This will be a nice break from my usual preaching.

To begin with, I want to introduce a common argument that is definitely worth taking into consideration. It’s a very high priority issue that I would recommend anyone viewing, creating, or otherwise partaking in lolicon material to read up on and research before they continue doing so.

“Isn’t it against the law?”

Now if you already know the law regarding lolicon in your country and it’s perfectly legal, then of course you’re fine, no worries there. However if you haven’t researched your laws yet, I would recommend it. I am not a lawyer and I definitely don’t know the laws in other countries.

In the United States, federal child pornography law protects illustrations such as lolicon stating this:

“Visual depictions include photographs, videos, digital or computer generated images indistinguishable from an actual minor, and images created, adapted, or modified, but appear to depict an identifiable, actual minor.

However, it also states:

“It is important to note that an offender can be prosecuted under state child pornography laws in addition to, or instead of, federal law.”

So while it may be legal under federal law, you need to research your state’s laws regarding such material.

“But what about 1466A?” You may ask, you know Obscenity laws, right? Well, to my knowledge it hasn’t been used to prosecute someone since 2008, soon to be over 10 years ago give/take a few months. The only times they have been used past 2008 were to stack on more time to someone’s charges. Whether they had real child pornography now or in the past, it existed along with the lolicon charges. Furthermore, obscenity laws would allow them to jail you for just about any pornography. Do you really want to go to jail for bdsm because you thought it was a good idea to jail someone else for lolicon, calling it obscene?

On that, the next question we should be asking here is: SHOULD lolicon be against the law? Common sense would say yes, but common courtesy would say no. Now after this point is going to be a little weird, I would say. I have organized the arguments based on physical issues and mental issues. Some of them I had trouble decided which type they would be considered, so I put them in randomly.

So first off are the physical issues, as these seem to be of highest priority in my opinion. I will also mention what level priority I gave. Remember to always do your own research and don’t just listen to one source, I wouldn’t even recommend listening to one group of sources (EX: Liberal sources, conservative sources, etc).

Physical Arguments

Lolicon material can be used to groom children

This is worth looking into, but not worth using as a basis for any sort of laws regardless of how true it ends up.

While it may be true that it could be used to groom children as they say, and I wouldn’t doubt that it has, but that is not the intended us of the art, and having the potential to cause harm on others is not enough to get something banned. That would make us a nanny-state and that’s just scary. Imagine being jailed for using a spoon because it could be used to harm someone.

Even if you could definitively prove that, even as much as 90% of lolicons use the material to trick children into sex, the crime shouldn’t be the art itself, it should be the actions the person takes, the use of said art. This is an argument that Digibro makes in one of the videos in his series “DIGIBRO VS. EVERYBODY”. They’re quite long and there are a few episodes, but I enjoyed the debates about lolicon for sure.

It normalizes pedophilia

Lower-mid priority. It’s worth enough to humor, and again always good to do research about topics, but when you consider the fact porn as a whole can be shown to reduce rape, it’s hard to make the argument that lolicon increases child rape. If you need more proof just look at Japan, it has far less rape going on than US or UK. How can the country that literally makes this material not have real rape going on unless it helps protect children?

While I am not personally a fan of HuffingtonPost, here’s another one on pornography.

What about those who ended up raping kids after looking at this? IE. Miyazaki

It’s like you assume a psychopath criminal cares about what the law says. Why ruin hobbies for everyone else because a few insane people decided to rape kids? If we were to ban lolicon for this reason then video games do not have a leg to stand on, as there have been MANY school shooters who were gamers prior to the event. Even if you could prove that lolicon causes people to fuck kids (which you can’t because it doesn’t), as Digi has stated in one of his debates, it’s not the art or imagination that should be illegal, it’s the real life action. Lolicon is not about advocating for child molestation.

It causes a disconnect from society

Basically what this is saying is that due to societal stigma of such material, you will be cast aside by your peers and deemed dangerous. As such it may be very high priority, it may be very low. That’s for you to decide based on your own circumstances.

Personally, this doesn’t effect me, as there are plenty of like-minded people available, whether they’re lolicons or simply true free-speech absolutists (So basically not Sargon or Dankula along with many other “free-speech absolutists” in name only). If people are going to avoid me for art that I enjoy, then why should I care? We likely wouldn’t have gotten along anyway and if we did, it’s petty to let a friendship die because you found their art icky. But that’s just me. Some people don’t mind hiding their love for lolis and keeping a facade so they can stick with the crowd, but I do not feel the need to so. Otherwise I would have chosen to go to college and gotten a “good” job. I don’t think there’s a single bone in my body that believes I should fit in.

That is it for the physical issues. For the most part physical issues have to do with issues that you or another person around you might face in regard to lolicon. Jail, fitting in, and sexual abuse. Some are serious issues while others are, well, laughable in my opinion.

Mental Arguments

And now here are the mental issues, which are almost all minor, a lot of these are very common because they don’t require much thought, but one is mid priority. Let’s just get that one out of the way.

What about the sexual abuse victims?

This is a serious consideration and while it varies on opinions, there are many sexual abuse victims within the lolicon community. People feel that lolicon has saved their lives. Honestly, the mere fact that people are saying that a drawing is as bad as these peoples’ abuse is pretty stupid and doesn’t make any sense.

As for sexual abuse victims who are offended by my art, frankly I don’t care. They chose to search for it, they should expect to see it. It’s not my fault you went out of your way to find lolicon, this is no reason to enforce laws by any stretch. And for the very reason that it is a low effort argument made simply to make people feel bad rather than pose an actual argument for why it should be banned, it is considered mid priority.

There is lack of consent

From this point forward just assume all of the arguments are low priority unless I state otherwise. As such, you can research all you want, but if you want my opinion, they’re not worth the time and effort that doing that takes. In fact I wouldn’t even recommend arguing with these, as they take such low effort to make for the anti-lolicon and are all based on their own thoughts and feelings. However they could provide a good laugh if that’s what you’re into.

Why does this matter, nobody is harmed? It’s a cartoon. Not long ago, I had this argument going on, on twitter. The guy apparently thinks it’s okay for fictional depiction of rape so long as it isn’t children being raped, but what’s the difference? It’s still a disgusting act in real life, why does it matter if the actors consented? What if there are no actors, like in the case of a drawing? How do you get consent from a drawing? You can’t, so what does it matter if a child can’t give consent, a drawing can’t give consent. Ban all drawn porn right? Case closed.

Lolis are kids

How do we determine that? I know this is a common counterargument, but a common, simple and rather mentally handicapped opinion calls for a common and simple counterargument. Beyond that, I could also ask why does it matter when nobody is harmed? Just like the previous counterargument.

Lolis look like kids so it’s obvious that they are

How do we determine that? Obviously that’s not very possible considering Steam bans the likes of: Imolicious as child exploitation. If a game involves school, that obviously means they’re a child, right? I mean adults don’t need education after all.

And again WHO CARES? Your authoritarian feelings don’t have a place in determining what is and isn’t free speech. And despite what some “Free-speech absolutists” want to believe simply for the sake of getting out of being called a hypocrite, free-speech is not about political speech, it is about ALL speech.

It’s child pornography

This goes with the very high priority legality based argument, but this one doesn’t cover what is and isn’t legally child porn. Instead, they would rather go on whatever they think to be child porn to fit their narrative. As such, it’s just another low effort argument that means nothing. Legally it is false based on federal law of the United States.

It is gross, wrong, icky, immoral, demonic, trash, etc

Since these are all the same general thing, them stating their opinion as if it were objective and therefore should be law and anyone who disagrees should be killed. No, really, many have said that people should be killed for art.

Who cares if you think it’s disgusting? That’s not a good basis for making laws. I find scat disgusting but I wouldn’t tell people to die for liking it.

Society will never accept this trash

Another one that could fit with one of the previously stated. And again I say: Why should I care about the opinion of sheep? Why should I do what most do when most people live shitty lives that they don’t enjoy and resort to bitching about cartoon porn on the internet because they have nothing better to do? What fun is that?

Pedophiles enjoy it

Yeah, and murderers enjoy video games. Yeah, and rapists probably enjoy rapeplay. Yeah, and animal fuckers probably enjoy furry porn. Yeah, and…

Further, how is that a bad thing? Would you really rather pedophiles go out and fuck real kids? Again, this can be used to deter pedophiles from raping real children, giving them an alternative that harms nobody. As can sex robots, but the government used the good ol’ “think of the children” bit to make those illegal. Speaking of which, that brings us to the last argument.

Think of the children!

Oh trust me, the pedo demons are thinking of the children.

Jokes aside, this is nothing more than a tactic that acts as a call-to-action for everyone to join in on the fight against anything someone doesn’t like. In this case lolicon. Of course it’s easier when it’s something taboo and involves children, fictional as they may be. But it’s used often in many different circumstances and targets the emotions of EVERYONE except those of whom they are against. And anyone outside of either group will also be made into an enemy in some way. Remember kids:

Lolicon = pedophile
Pedophile = child molester
child molester = bad
Therefore lolicon = bad.


So that’s it for the post, I have a few more sources below this regarding both lolicon and CREEPER act, as I think they’re both necessary to talk about when it comes to free-speech and taboo topics. Also, similar to my List of Censorous Websites post, this one may be updated as I find more arguments.

Other resources:
Youtube video on the CREEPER Act
Youtube video “Contours of Lolicon: Full Audio”
Youtube video “Contours of Lolicon” Abridged
Youtube video Louis Le Vau VS Sargon of Akkad.
Youtube video Louis Le Vau VS Count Dankula. Some other guys I don’t know are included.
Website owned by the guy who lead in the Great Loli War of 2018 on the side of free-speech and defended lolianity, the one true religion.
More on Miyazaki

Social media and other things related to me:


2 thoughts on “13 Arguments Against Lolicon and Why I Think They’re Full of Shit:

  1. Interesting read. Really such a shame about the banning of child-like sexdolls, it would have definitely helped bring down the (male) child abuse (since female sexual child abuse is tolerated for some fucked up reason)

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