Gab Review


So hopefully this will be my last post on Gab, I would like to move onto other websites, good and bad. Alas I have to actually use said websites before I can make any form of opinion on them. If you want to read my other posts ranting about Gab, you can find them here and here. With all that said let’s end this trilogy.

Chapter 1: The Move

Most people share a similar story when joining Gab. Either they got banned on Twitter and heard about Gab while looking for an alternative, they heard someone else recommend Gab because they themselves got banned, or they simply don’t like the way Silicon Valley treats its users. No matter their story about finding Gab, at the very least, we all went to Gab for its offer of good ol’ unabridged freedom of speech. I personally was one of the ones who were not known well enough on social media to be banned, shadowbanned, etc. I moved because I saw so many other people being censored.

Chapter 2: Settling In

I enjoyed the site as I was using it, despite all of the brokenness of it, I felt that it was well worth the hassle for the freedom to speak my mind and post whatever I want, so long as it was legal. I enjoyed the community and honestly I went into it with the same mindset as I did Voat, I didn’t take things seriously, in fact all the shit people said on there always made me laugh because it was so different from Twitter and it felt amazing just to witness it. But then things started to change.

Chapter 3: Loli

While this segment might seem like I’m referring to what I like to call “The Great Loli War” but that is not what this is about. This is about a group that made me realize the beginning of the censorship. People complaining about how the website wasn’t a free-speech platform, “It’s still not as bad as Twitter tho” I protested as if “not as bad” actually meant anything.

I regretted very quickly my reluctance to speak harshly of Torba. I regret being blinded by the claim of free-speech. After all, I did notice that it wasn’t the only thing they lied about: They were lying about everything they advertised on their log-in page at the time. Free-speech, no ads, whatever the hell the other thing they claimed was.

Chapter 4: The Great Loli War

After I rejected the idea that Gab could be as bad as Twitter that person ended up leaving. Later, I noticed a mate of mine got banned for posting lolis. I tried to get the attention of Torba, but he wouldn’t pay attention. After all I still didn’t have an audience let alone one to get the attention of the CEO of a website. I took it to Akemi, he didn’t like it either.

So he recommended on Twitter for someone to spam the site with lolis until something happened. I won’t bore you with too much details, eventually the website got taken down by Paypal, Stripe, and their host provider, but it wasn’t because of the “demonic pedo art” that he would love to pin it on, it was because of his Nazi fanboys.

Gab came back and he started making it to where our posts are deleted silently rather than us getting banned I guess, so I decided to leave. Nobody was motivated anymore either, and again I would like to move onto other websites to either bitch about or praise them. I’ve also got my own projects to worry about as well.

Chapter 5: Epilogue

So my verdict is this: Gab is a good website if all you care about is being able to swear up and down about how Jews are the worst and say shit you can’t on Twitter. Unless Torba decided to stop hoarding his apparent millions, and actually has a decent programmer that he’s paying a good buck for, the website is going to be broken often making it a shitty experience. But if you’re willing to deal with that to be able to speak freely so long as Torba agrees with it, then so be it.

It is not good, however, for those who actually support free-speech. I mean true free-speech, not just edgy conservative speech and Nazi roleplaying. Free-speech is not a one way street and claiming you’re a free-speech absolutist would mean you would die on the hill most will not, whether it’s liberal speech, conservative speech, video games depicting violence, or anime depicting sex with children. If you are not willing to defend all of it, you are not a free-speech absolutist for absolutism isn’t pick-and-choose. If you are a free-speech absolutist, I would not recommend Gab unless you find it necessary for you, for whatever reason that may be.

Chapter 6: Self-shilling

Twitter I post a variety of things from rants to anime girls to whatever I want.
Kitsu I only use this place to keep track of my manga.
Deviantart Don’t use it too often as I don’t make art often anymore. But I am going to try to make at least one drawing every month, so let’s hope I can manage at least that. lel


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