Gab: Lies, Greed, Misery

Lies, Greed, Misery is honestly the most fitting Linkin Park title to the Gab situation. Let’s talk about that.

I wanna see you choke on your lies

Gab has been found to be lying about two things about their site, one far more major than the other. The first one, and least important, being no ads. This isn’t important because 99% of websites on the internet have them and most people use ad-blockers anyway. Still, it’s a clear lie that I don’t really understand the point of. Again, nobody cares if your site has ads, so why claim it doesn’t if it actually does? Second, and clearly most important is “free speech”. It is not a free speech platform, it is a conservative bible thumper speech platform.

Once a site dedicated to free-speech starts banning legal art because they find it icky, detestable, and immoral, it loses the point of free-speech. Free speech is ALL speech, not “okay you can say this, and that, but not this that’s just wrong.” speech. “Go look at your pedo art somewhere else.” It’s not even about lolicon at this point. It’s been stated many times that massive censorship starts with the morally reprehensible. Me being a lolicon aside, art, no matter how taboo, deserves to exist. Lolicon IS art by the very definition of art. It’s a drawing, which is classified as art.

Swallow up your greed

Greed, what really started all of this censorship in the first place. Mr. Andrew Torba-kun wanted more. He wanted more users. He wanted more fans. He wanted more people to suck his dick. But more importantly, like the Jew that Torba is, he wanted more of that sweet, sweet money. But that greed of his turned out to be his downfall, his one true vice. He got a million dollars in one month, bragged about it to say he’s morally superior than us “demons” and blocked many of us for opposing him on twitter. Furthermore, the fact he censored, just shows he’s a scammer because people have paid him thinking the site is for free-speech. He took their money and lied about his mission.

Suffer all alone in your misery

The Great Loli War of Gab was proceeded by The Great Take Down of Gab by their web host, paypal, and stripe, just to name the few, but most important few. Now this downfall of Gab was active because of more than just the lolis, I’d say it had nothing to do with lolis. Stripe said NSFW content wasn’t allowed, but lolis were the only NSFW content Gab banned. But the loli ban did make it where Torba no longer had an excuse to defend nazi propaganda and things that SJW companies hate. They can no longer say “It’s not our opinion, we’re just protecting free-speech”. Of course, the reason for this is clear: He’s NOT protecting free-speech. He’s more protecting of death threats and libel than a taboo drawing. Death threats and libel are illegal, whereas the drawings are not.

And now that he’s decided to censor art, he’s not getting my sympathy, my defence. I’m not going to support him. I will not say he’s in the right, nor will I say the companies that suppress this scam of a site are in the wrong. Of course, I’m aware that it sets a dangerous precedent, but he should have known damn well that relying on liberal companies that absolutely despise conservatives, especially when that conservative does basically nothing but antagonize them, laughing at the fact they censor speech they don’t like. There are alternatives to paypal and stripe that he could use, such as cryptocurrency, yet he would rather scam normies, because that’s where the real money is at.

People are trying to say we should support them and get the government to jump in, but FUCK THAT. I don’t want MORE government regulation, I want LESS. I fear the government FAR more than some company that could be replaced by a better company. There are alternatives to these companies, but there aren’t alternatives to government. Furthermore going to Big Brother when things don’t go your way are what SJWs do. We don’t need the government backing us up, we can fight our own fight, we are big boys. Then again with the way the bible thumpers acted on Gab, I guess they’re on the same level as SJWs, so I should have seen it coming.


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