Gab Is Not Free Speech

Yesterday: October 12, 2018 a guy trying to peacefully post lolis on the website named Gab was found metaphorically dead on the streets of the internet. The suspect of the crime has been found and named.

The name of the criminal: Andrew Torba, also known as @a.

The name of the one killed: Tamamo, also known as @rawrrawrfox.

The scene of the crime

It was a dreadful day, that day. Tamamo, the innocent loliposter was just trying to enjoy his life when all of a sudden a gang of socialists came in and screamed for Torba. Torba took action on the event the only way he knew how: Killing Tamamo and giving his handle out to the socialists to hold onto.

It was a sad victory. Socialists won and freedom of expression lost. Rumour has it, this incident was warned about long ago. When gabby was killed by the same hands, those of Torba and the socialists.


I went out to get some food last night, getting back in an hour from just talking to Tamamo. I was gone for just an hour, and what do I see? Tamamo is missing, the website became buggy again for the 10th time this week (though this time it became completely unusable), the chat room I was in with fellow lolicons was missing (likely because Tamamo is gone), and nobody bats an eye.

I ask a few mates what happened with tamamo and we come to one conclusion: He was slaughtered by the evil gab.

I know from that it seems like we’re jumping to conclusions. It’s also possible he was hacked. I mean look at his page, obviously it was hijacked.

But no, SJWs can’t hack, are you silly? Furthermore, though less of a giveaway, it says the account was made October 2018. That means it’s a new account, which Tamamo’s isn’t new. Yet the account has the same exact handle.

This is the consensus: The account was taken down by Andrew Torba the deceitful, the handle was made available the moment the account was taken down, and the hijacker, Emmanuel, AKA @WADL took the handle for himself and is now username-squatting, which is against the rules.

Speaking of the rules…

Is Lolicon Against The Rules?

No. The only pornography that is against the rules are illegal porn and porn that is not properly tagged with NSFW. In the United States of America, where Gab is hosted and Andrew lives, it is not illegal. I can’t say all loliposters use the NSFW button, because I wouldn’t know whether that’s the case or not. But for Tamamo and I, we both follow the rules. I literally tag all of my images NSFW regardless of it being SFW or not. I do that out of fear of bullshit like this happening, but clearly that’s not enough for Torba.

Anyone who isn’t concerned about this, should seriously be concerned about this. I don’t care if you like lolis or not, this can and probably will effect you as well. It’s like with the child-like sex dolls. I am not personally a fan of sex dolls in general, but I understand the precedent that it sets when they can get away with making child-like sex dolls illegal. It always starts with the stuff that the majority deems wrong or weird. That’s how they slowly creep into banning everything else we enjoy.


I took it over to twitter. I just wanted to request some action be taken to bring Tamamo back.

“@getongab Andrew Torba is a nigger”

See? I was civil.

I am now blocked and have been reported by Andrew Torba’s Twitter Servant. So I went back to gab.

“@a tell your twitter servant to unblock me and actually stand up for himself and yourself instead of hiding like a pussy.”

Again, civil.

Still haven’t been banned on gab, but his lack of concern for the matter proves further that he did this intentionally. Other lolicons and anime fans have started speaking up about it, to no avail because Torba is a pussy.

If you still use Gab and think it’s for free speech, I think you should consider what you have just read.

“Are you saying Gab is as bad as Twitter?”

No, I am not saying Gab is as bad as Twitter. I would be insane to make that claim. Gab is fucking worse than Twitter. Consider this:

Twitter is known far and wide that they censor. Though Jack denies it, we all know it. I know it, you know it, the SJWs know it (and love it), the president knows it (yet still uses it), everyone knows it censors people. But Gab, hardly anyone knows about it. Most who have heard people saying that Gab censors, deny it. They don’t want to accept it. I was like that too until yesterday.

It’s just sort of something you have to see for yourself to believe I guess. I was weary of the site to begin with, but I truly wanted to believe they were anti-censorship. However, I couldn’t get the nagging thought out of my mind that they would, at least eventually, turn to the dark side and censor people, especially lolicons.

Furthermore, Twitter isn’t buggy. At least not nearly as bad as Gab. Gab is buggy all of the time. I just have constant issues with the interface and last night it was unbearable. I can never use the app and it’s just a pile of garbage as a whole.

So if the only selling point is its free speech and it starts censoring people, why even use the website/app? There’s no point. Another “selling point” of its, “no ads” has been defeated a long time ago. Not sure why they advertise that in the first place. Nobody should really care because they use adblockers anyway.

With that being said, I plan to just start my own website. I’ve had the plan for a long time, but now it’s just getting tiring hopping from site to site hoping one sticks to its principles.

Have a valid day.


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