Saike Mata Shitemo Arcs 1 – 3

Arc I

The first arc of Saike Mata Shitemo is the arc that got me to read it in the first place, being similar to Kagerou Days, the main character, Saike goes back a day whenever he drowns himself in Mogura Pond, which he uses multiple times in this arc in an attempt to save his childhood friend, Mikan.

The difference here between Saike Mata Shitemo and Kagerou Days is that Kagerous Days has the girl dying in different ways, such as metal beams and falling down stairs. In Saike Mata Shitemo, it’s always the bus that kills her.

Saike, try as he might to save her, simply cannot in the ways he is trying. He simply attempts to get her away from the area, but she always finds a way to go there. Like in Kagerou Days, the way to end it is to sacrifice yourself. But in this series’ case, the main character did not get hit Saike.

After this, the main character decides to become a hero and help people using his ability to reset the day.

Arc II

In the second arc, Saike meets another power (oracle) user. A guy with an ability to turn objects into styrofoam, named Hizu. The question of how Hizu can find oracle users is posed and becomes the main reason Saike fights him.

Saike wants to learn how to find oracle users, as Hizu has told him the other users only use it selfishly, and that Saike is the only person who is using it to help others.

Saike at first tried to attack in an alley, but that proved to be too difficult, and he opted to tell the opponent to meet him at Mogura Pond, which of course makes it easier to fight and easier to reset the day, as before he was walking possibly a mile in an injured state.

This was when he realized Hizu was using a power to make things into styrofoam, rather than him being stronger. However, the issue with the power is that Hizu cannot make things normal for a long time, as he would hurt himself in the process, so he has a short time frame to hit Saike with the telephone pole.

Saike realizes this and punches the pole earlier than Hizu can use it. Breaking the pole. Hizu decides to just punch Saike.

After this, Saike constantly resets the day about 20 times or so to memorize the pattern and get a good hit on his opponent to knock him out. But after it is all said and done, he wins.

As was promised, Hizu was supposed to tell Saike how he knew Saike was a power user. But he was kidnapped by some doctor and power user, who has invisible weapons. This oracle user loves torture as he explains. Some more day resets and Saike defeats the doctor using the same method as he did against Hizu.

And this is where Saike is told the answer of how Hizu can find oracle users. They have a smoke around them.


This one I enjoyed a lot. The two, Saike and Hizu, go searching for oracle users. When they find one, it turns out he’s the manager of a cat cafe. They are sat down and given tea.

The tea, as they soon discover, turns the one drinking it into cats. Hizu didn’t care much but Saike did. He ran around the room trying to find an exit to take himself to Mogura Pond. Though I don’t think that would have been easy even if he managed to leave the building. Humans still exist, after all. They would help the owner of the cafe and if he got past them, he would be caught by someone else who takes him in for themselves.

After a while, he begins to submit, thinking that it would just be a better life for himself to just let it happen. Let himself become a full-blown cat both in shape and body. Hizu snapped him out of it, scratching the owner and waking Saike up. After all, he’s a dog person so he can’t see himself as a cat.

Hizu turns the door into styrofoam allowing it to be destroyed easily. Saike runs to the pond, surprisingly without anyone bothering him. Or so it shows. And the day is reset.

The two then stop the power user, tying him in rope and having him turn the cats back to humans.

I just wish he would have joined the roster in the end. Imagine Saike utilizing cat man’s power to defeat villains.


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