Why I Like Loli:

Artist: Hotel01

Throughout the post, I use what may look as singular nouns where plural nouns belong. This is because Japanese doesn’t have the whole adding an s to the end of a word to make it plural, it’s always the same word with the same spelling. That said, whenever I put said words in quotes, I will be using English plural. Also a disclaimer: I would consider this NSFW, as we discuss topics many deem controversial, gross, wrong, whatever.

There are many lolicon who claim to like loli because they are cute, and fair enough, that’s a good reason to like them. But I don’t know if that’s a good reason to wank to them, which there are those who do not, so at least that’s consistent. But I would say the majority of lolicon do wank to loli, be it ecchi, hentai, or even sfw.

Now, I’m not a fan of hentai, never really have been. The thought and especially the visuals of sex and genitalia are gross to me and I can’t stand the sight of it. But had I liked hentai, I would choose loli 90% of the time, as I do for ecchi and sfw.

The appeal to me is not that they’re cute, though that is obviously part of it. The appeal is that they are made to be sexually attractive, had they been like real children, I’m sure there would be far less fans of the porn. Maybe not less fans of the characters. Either way that’s just speculation.

The appeal is the taboo, anything deemed by society as weird or wrong, despite it harming nobody, is fucking hot. Added on that, they’re anime characters and you can do a lot with that.

A lot of people also say it’s not about the age, which it really isn’t. I can wank to a character aged 3K and one aged 10 all the same. Many anime fans do it, regardless of if they like loli or not. The visuals mean nothing to the character’s age, as has been discussed many times over in the anime community.

Taboo porn is the same reason I like bdsm and incest. They don’t harm anyone, because it’s fake, it’s acting (in the case of real porn) or a drawing. Oh yeah, that plays another huge part in it, IT IS NOT REAL.

People are getting too worked up about a fiction girl getting fucked, their need to prove they are better than you or I activate when they hear “I like lolis” and they start screeching “PEDO! PEDO! what a pedo!” But the mere fact that they’re targeting lolicon rather than actual child molestation proves they don’t actually care about children.

If they had cared about children, they would be rioting against child molestation, which they seem to be advocating such actions, saying “they were born this way, they can’t help it.” Fuck off. You were just screaming about how much better you are than lolicon because they’re “pedos”.

All-in-all, people are too worried about fictional children getting fucked, and not worried enough about real children getting fucked. They should learn to care about real people instead of being psychopaths who don’t know the difference between reality and fiction, saying lolicon should be banned.

I’m not saying to attack pedos, no. I’m saying to attack child molesters, which seems to be their next target of legalization. Pedophilia is in the mind, child molestation is in the act. That should be noted when criminalizing such things. You cannot and definitely should not take away one’s freedom of speech, and their right to have whatever kind of imagination they want.

That is all. If you like loli, consider joining gab and following my account, where I will be posting a loli or two a day. I might even post hentai if you’re lucky, though I wouldn’t count on it, as I am not a fan myself like I said.

Also before I go, I think it should also be noted that the “teen” tag on pornhub is one of the most popular, which features real people who look like teens.

Stay tuned and have a valid day.


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