Saike Mata Shitemo Chapter 75 Review

Picture of the chapter's title page.

I just read chapter 75 of Saike Mata Shitemo. I have to say, it quite different from the other arcs, this one. Mikan has been saying that she’s afraid of “M” which is what the non-ability users are calling the ability users. Basically she’s afraid of the main character, though she doesn’t know it.

But what got me in this chapter is the end. The new ability user is a rich nerd who constantly gets attacked by a group of guys asking for money. He wanted revenge so his ability was claws to harm them with, but it turns out that the ability manifested and became a creature, with the nerd seemingly only existing as a head.

Picture showing the new ability user in the monster form.

It’s interesting because we’ve not yet seen an ability like this, where the character is taken over and turned into a literal monster. The closest thing is that one guide in the last arc who turns into liquid.

Picture showing the liquid ability user.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this, I don’t like it, but I don’t necessarily hate it. But it’s definitely interesting and I find the way the monster looks to be funny in a way, with the person’s head sticking out, but I know if I were in that situation I would shit myself.

As for the whole Mikan thing, I don’t like it. I wish the main character would just say, “Bitch, I’m one the M, the powers are called oracles and I use my powers to help people.” And then overuse his power again so that he can find a way to tell her without her being upset.


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