Normal Cube – Xero Day 4

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April 16, 2018 by mizuneko68

A break from creature cards for a while, and the first posted capture device. Tamer’s Cube: Normal Cube.

This item can capture any creature in the game, rather than capturing specific elements. I was thinking about putting a price for each item, aside from key items, which cannot be bought. But I decided not to.

Much like, what you’ll find in the future, the world map is designed by the players (in the form of cards as well), the players can decide the cost of each item. They can also decide how selling items works. I.E. Will it be half of the cost or the same as the cost? A quarter of the cost maybe? Or even a tenth of the cost?

Though maybe it is a bad idea, as the cost could be made heavy for common items such as this one, but they could implement a reasoning behind that. Plus I would like to give them as much freedom as I can think of.

You might notice the high number in the set no. box. It’s incredibly high compared to the last few. I felt it would be weird to make the number match the order they were created, as that could and definitely would look sloppy, considering I do not plan to make many of the same deck at once. I plan to work out of order so that it isn’t the same thing over and over again. It’s just less boring this way.

It will, however, be based on the order I make them in as well as what type of card it is. This is an item, so it’s in the items segment. Creatures will be 1 – 180.

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