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April 12, 2018 by mizuneko68

I have returned, erasing everything prior to now to start fresh with a “new” project. It isn’t new, per-say, however I’ve decided to take it more seriously. I will resume Neko no Shousetsu some other time, I have an issue with it where I keep restarting from scratch, and sometimes I even change the story.

But this new, or old project was once mentioned on this website with an image. Project titled Xero, an adventure based TCG based on monster capture RPGs such as Pokemon.

I will be posting here every day, with one card (or in the case of most creature cards, two, with gender differences), the cards will not have illustrations yet, as I am still in search of an artist to commission. I also plan to post a weekly recap, showcasing every card I had posted that week. Just for more of a convenience I guess.


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