Vinyan – Xero Day 1

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April 12, 2018 by mizuneko68

So I suppose to start off, there are 7 elements: Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Ground, Air, and Blank. Blank being well, blank. It isn’t really an element, instead being a lack of one, but I count it since it exists and there are plenty of cases where it’s used.

In the big mess of information under the illustration space, you see 10 boxes with information.

HP is the creature’s hitpoints. Goes without saying, but once its HP goes down to 0, it will be KO’d.

SPD is the creature’s speed. This determines which creature will go first in a battle. The creature with the highest speed goes first. If the creatures have the same speed, it is determined by a roll of dice. Or any other fashion the players decide.

PHY and MAG are the creature’s Physical and Magical defenses respectively. These are applied when the foe attacks, the defender rolls a 6 sided die and if it lands on 1 or 6, then the number it shows is subtracted from the damage. Let’s say the base damage of a Blank PHY attack, and the player lands on 1. The base damage of the attack being 5. So you would subtract 2 for female, and 3 for male Vinyan. Male Vinyan would receive 2 damage, and female would receive 3.

PHY and MAG are determined by the gender, deck, and archetype.

Gender effects the rest of the stats and some attacks.

Elements. The creature’s element can be found under the gender and to the right of MAG def. However, most people would determine it based on the colour of the card, in this case, green. Grass is green, fire is red, water is blue, electric is yellow, ground is brown, air is purple, and blank is white.

Weakness and strength. Weakness is the kanji on top, to the right of the gender. Attacks done with this element are doubled in power. Strength, however is the bottom kanji, to the right of the creature’s element. Attacks done with this element are halved in power.

Let’s say Vinyan is hit by a water attack with 5 base damage. This attack is a Magical attack and it’s used against male Vinyan. Half of 5 is 2.5, what do we do? Always round up with decimals. So the damage afterward is 3. This is when we apply the defenses, which means subtracting 2, assuming we landed on 1 or 6. And total damage done would be 1, 3 without defenses.

Beginner, or the deck that this card belongs to. This game is pretty different in how decks work. All cards are combined and split into multiple decks to be shared by all players. The decks go as follows:

Grass – This is the main deck that will be used throughout the game. Most creatures will be in this deck.

Mythical – Essentially can be thought of as legendaries, for a Pokemon equivalent. These creatures are strong and can only be obtained after a certain amount of diplomas are obtained, as well as needing the use of an item to summon them.

Water – This deck is for creatures found in water. Having the water element means nothing, they must be of the water deck. If the players do not have at least 10 cards, these creatures will be placed in the Grass deck.

Evolution – These cards are obtained through evolving creatures, which means the player would need to defeat at least one teacher or another player.

Beginner – These creatures are obtained by players’ choices in the beginning of the game, and afterward found in the Grass deck.

That is all of the decks. Now, the archetype, position, whatever you would like to call it. There are three of them: Fighter, Aid, and Tank. They are pretty easy to guess what they do, but I’ll go over them anyway.

Fighters are self-efficient and their abilities typically aid itself, or harm the foe. But it could also aid other creatures on top of the main use. Their stats are decent all around and have no ups or downs. These are the only creatures who can harm the foe with attacks.

A tank’s main goal is to take the attacks from foes, acting as a wall or decoy, preventing (for the most part) the Fighter from being hurt. To do this, their abilities must draw their foe’s attention, and to keep from dying too soon, their base HP and defenses are high, though their speed is extremely low as a result. They can only use attacks that boost their own HP and defenses.

An Aid’s goal is to heal or boost the stats of the Fighter or Tank. Its ability does this, as do the attacks it may use. It could even be self-sacrificial, KOing itself for the sake of healing the other creatures on its team. Its HP and speed are rather high, but it has no, and even sometimes negative defenses. (When the defense is negative, it works the same as positive, except it makes the attacks do more damage.)

That’s all I’ve got for today. Here’s an image of the female version of the card. Notice the HP, Speed, and Defenses changed, so it is possible that the two genders could play out very differently.

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