20XX and OSRS

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October 8, 2017 by mizuneko68

Been playing as much of 20XX I can today. By that I mean, as much as my PC can handle lel. I’m not sure why it seems to have difficulty playing it, while not the greatest computer, it should be able to handle things decently enough, at least for my standards. Plus Melee is an old game. Also, I seem to find difficulty playing OSRS as well on this PC. Actually rather than that, it’s not difficult to play, it’s quite easy. However, my pc seems to heat up noticeably. I heard this was an AMD thing, that they get really hot often, so I’m trying not to think about it too much, however playing 20XX was definitely a hassle. Getting as low as 20 – 30 fps on certain levels, the only stage I felt safe in was FD (Final Destination), which isn’t much of an issue. Also Roy’s target test stage doesn’t seem bad either. Same for Dream Land (64), and to my surprise (considering how much is going on in the stage), Pokemon Stadium, FoD (Fountain of Dreams) is definitely the second worst stage I’ve tested on my computer, lagging like crazy, the first being Corneria, which broke the game entirely and I had to reset it. But that is besides the point.

Well, I should probably do some writing. Either that or drawing… I’m not very motivated right now however, if I wait for motivation, it will never get done I guess.

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