Mizu Koneko

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September 2, 2017 by mizuneko68

My yearly arts. At least it feels like its been a year since I posted. But it’s only really been 4 months (almost 5). I would like to draw more and I hope I do, however I’ve been finding difficulty drawing things from my mind and even more difficulty finding pose references that I enjoy. I might as well start drawing the first pose I see even if I find it boring or just bad.

It’s probably noticeable, but I lazily drew the sword. It’s not entire straight though I knew that would be nearly impossible for me and doing what I did here took a while and I knew it would take forever just to get it close to being straight. I’ll probably update it and make the sword straight. Possibly even add a scimitar for more accuracy.

The story behind the drawing is actually a huge spoiler. About the “ending” of my story. You have been warned, so proceed with caution mate.
After everyone else is dead, one of the members of the Animals guild comes up to the leader, Mizu Neko and warns him that Inuzu was the one whole time and that after the loss of his sister, he’s going berserk.

Neko goes out and looks for Koneko. Unable to find her, he begins to notice Inuzu is following him. They begin to fight. Neko is on his last life and Inuzu is badly injured, though Neko does not know this. In the end Neko is the first to die, however Inuzu is nearing his own death very soon with his runic heart breaking with each and every second.

Koneko finally appears to the scene. Neko is inching towards death. With his final words he instructs his sister to take the Plulet and scimitar and leave. But he can’t die without a kiss. ;^)

He is then after that officially dead. Enraged, Koneko grabs the requested items from her brother’s corpse and with scimitar in-hand, her right eye begins to change colour and form to that similar to Neko’s.

“Neko?!” Inuzu questions moving back in intimidation. It seems he realizes something Koneko does not. “But… But how!? Neko you bastard! Screw your plot armour!”

Koneko shakes off her confusion at what he’s talking about and begins to charge at him. But she’s stopped by the goddess coming up to Inuzu and having a conversation with him.

“I knew you’d come to me.” He laughs. “Here to grant my wish?”

“Indeed. What is it?”

“You said this world was complete to Risu before, correct?”


“That was lie, right?”


“Well, I would like you to actually finish your damn job. That man was the only friend you had, you should’ve completed the game already!”

“How did you know?”

“I found it weird that a game would affect those not seeking to play it. I personally didn’t mind coming here, however I do not understand why a game would act outside of its intended purpose. Plus I’ve noticed many other things, but I’m about to die, so let’s make this quick. Okay?”

“I’m surprised you survived this long.” She teases.

With that the wish was made and granted.

Inuzu dies instantly. Koneko questions what that was about, why would he ask for something like that, and why the goddess would side with evil.

The goddess explains that she does not pick sides because the quarrels of humans does not effect her and that she did not see him as evil either.
Now with this story, you’ll probably noticed a couple things: 1. This goes way beyond where the image shows, 2. She had a blue eye despite not having the scimitar and plulet, when she normally has green eyes.

1. Yes I know.
2. Yes I know that too. I’m not sure why I went with a blue eye.

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