Why is rag and bone man wishlist a mini quest?

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August 17, 2017 by mizuneko68

In OSRS there is a mini-quest where you kill various different monsters, strong and weak until they drop the special bones for the quest and turn them in as you did Rag and Bone Man quest. This takes a while since you have to kill high leveled monsters and it’s not a huge chance of obtaining the bones.

Now, why is this quest a mini-quest? There are many quests that would be better suited as a mini-quest since they are, well, mini. For example: Cook’s Assistant, Doric’s Quest, Sheep Shearer, etc. Though Sheep Shearer can be a little longer if done how it’s supposed to be done, but the fact that you can buy items from the GE and finish the quests in less than 10 seconds proves these fit in ‘mini’ quest.

And if Rag and Bone Man Wish List is a mini-quest, why is it required to get a quest point cape? They have plenty of similarly named sequel quests: Monkey Madness 2, Fairy Tale Pt 2, Elemental Workshop II (In RS3 there’s Elemental Workshop III and I think IV), so why can’t this one be put in as a normal quest? It’s just confusing and people are going to forget to do it.

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