Neko no Shousetsu: Boku no Imouto to Isekai ni Tojikomerareta – Day 12

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August 9, 2017 by mizuneko68

Plulet arc 3/3

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve slept, but last night was so good. I feel like I’ve taken enough rest to stay up thrice as long.

???: “Is he dead?”

???2: “I don’t know. I’ve tried waking him up so many times.”

???3: “Hahaha we all have. Maybe he just sleeps long.”

???: “But two days? That seems extreme…”

???3: “I know! Pretty funny. I think I’m gonna mess with him some more.”

???2: “Don’t you think you’ve done that enough?”

???3: “No way! He still has white on his face!”

The other two sigh.

What the hell is going on? I open my eyes to be greeted to Tora close to my face with a marker.

Neko: “What? Can you not do that?”

Koneko: “You’re not dead!”

She says that as if expecting me to really be dead.

Neko: “Why are you acting like I’ve been asleep for a month?”

Kitsune: “Heh. You’ve been asleep for a few days, but I wouldn’t say a month.”

A few days? Really? No wonder I feel so good.

Neko: “Why didn’t you guys wake me up?!”

Koneko: “We tried…”

Tora: “You know, you really are a heavy sleeper. Just look at your face.”

I look in the mirror.

Neko: “What the… This is a bit excessive.”

Tora: “Oh how boring. I was expecting a bigger reaction…”

Like I’d give you the satisfaction. But really… You overdid this a bit…

He almost marked my entire face, only leaving a few tiny white spots which he was clearly ready to fill before I woke up.
Kitsune: “Well now that you’re up, we should go to the cave.”

Why are you so eager to go?

Neko: “Oh yeah, you said something about this cave earlier. What’s so significant about it?”

Kitsune: “There’s a special amulet in there I would like you to have.”

Neko: “Amulet? What for?”

Kitsune: “It’s a one of a kind artifact that allows the one wearing it to be revived.”

Neko: “Why would I want such a thing?”

Kitsune: “Don’t you want to live as long as possible and keep Koneko protected?”

Well, that’s somewhat true. I’d rather live peacefully though…

Neko: “Fine. Is everyone ready?”

Tora: “Don’t you want to eat first?”

You just want to eat… Oh well, that’s probably best.

Neko: “Yeah we should do that first.”

With that, we go to the shopping district. There seem to be quite a few restaurants to choose from in this town, compared to specialty shops anyway.

We should go to the least populated one. Or maybe the most. Not that, that means anything considering they’re all pretty empty. So we choose a random one.

After that, we went to the shops to buy some things that might help in the cave.
We finally arrived at the “frog cave”. Kitsune told us that the reason we are coming here is to obtain some sort of amulet called the “Plulet” that apparently allows the user to come back to life somehow.

Trying not to over think it, but I’m pretty sure that sort of object is illegal in this world.

Anyway, we make it inside and it doesn’t take long before we meet an intersection. I see that it’s really going to be a maze…

Neko: “Anyone notice how huge it is in this place on the inside?”

Koneko: “Yeah it’s an extreme case of ‘bigger on the inside.”

Tora is sniffing around for some reason. What are you a dog?

Neko: “What are you doing, mate?”

Tora: “I’m trying to decide the best direction to go in.”

He points toward the path on the right and so we follow.

After a while, we hear a noise, a sort of clicking sound. Suddenly we found ourselves trapped by some sticky ropes, honestly, they seem more like frog tongues…

Koneko: “What’s going on?”

Tora: “I may have activated a trap…”

Tora says as he laughs uncomfortably. Maybe you should pay attention next time.

For some reason, I feel bad. I have a head ache and my heart is beating fast. Not to mention I’m sweating like crazy, though that might just be the summer heat.

I decide to look at my phone and sure enough, our HP is being drained. Not that fast, but if we don’t escape soon we could die.

Another noise sounded. However this time it’s not just a sound and gone, but rather a continuous one. But I don’t see anything happening…

Neko: “Anyway, guys. We need to get out of this.”

Koneko: “Thanks. That’s very informative, brother.”

Neko: “I don’t think you understand. These ropes have venom and it’s draining our HP.”

Risu: “You don’t have to worry too much about venom or poison. Remember, I told you about how poison itself cannot kill you. But yes, that would be a problem not to take care of in case something might attack us.”

No, I actually don’t remember hearing this. But then again my memory is terrible and to see my HP depleting is a very frightening sight.

Well, I guess it isn’t as huge a problem as I thought, though we do need to escape if we wish to proceed.

Kuro: “Why don’t I just cut you guys out?”

Neko: “Wait you were free?”

Kuro: “Of course. They’re not gonna target your head.”

Well, then I guess you always resting there was to our advantage.

Neko: “Why didn’t you say anything sooner?”

Kuro: “Lazy.”

Tch. Well, he did eventually speak up and get us out, so I can’t complain. However, the trap was not finished… Now an army of tiny frogs come charging at us like a herd of bulls.

They started tripping us and then biting us. However, all their combined attacks only did 1 damage to me… I guess the creator of the trap intended for us to have 1 HP left from the venom.

It didn’t take much effort to defeat the frogs and it actually gave me a level in Accuracy. I am now level 9 Acc.

After a long time of walking, we come to some sort of “trap”. I say that but it’s more like a challenge.

There is a pond blocking our path and it looks like in order to proceed we must jump on huge lily pads. The water looks purple and hard to see what’s in it, however, we could only assume the worst.

Risu: “This water… Is it dangerous?”

Neko: “Of course it is.”

Risu dips a finger into the water. The mad man. As soon as he touches the water, he gets pulled down as if a shark got him.

Tora and I try to pull him up, but it’s difficult. Whatever it is, the thing is strong. But eventually, we got him back. It’s strange, though. There isn’t even a bite mark…

Neko: “Did you see what it was?”

Risu: “It was nothing…”

Neko: “What?”

Risu: “I don’t know how to explain it. It was like the water itself was eating me…”
Neko: “Are you poisoned at all?”

He checks his phone.

Risu: “No. But my HP is near empty.”

He eats some food.

That’s strange. Well, at least we know what to expect if we fall in. Knowing Tora, he’s probably going to fall in as well. That or cause me to.

Risu goes first. Perfect performance. Next was my turn. I am little nervous, but I don’t seem to mess up.

Tora: “AHHHH”

Tora yells when I’m nearing the end of the pond. His screaming messes me and I lose my balance. Luckily I’m close enough that I fall onto the other side rather than in the pond.

Next up was Tora. For some reason, he decided to bring Tori with him on his back. On top of that, his footing is atrocious and he seems to be messing around with this.

Did he not see Risu almost die? Oh well, it’s his funeral. Honestly, I would love for it to happen. Is that bad? Considering he tried to kill me too, I don’t think so.

As I was thinking he got half way and is starting to lose his balance. Serves you right.

Tora: “Help! This is hard! Hahaha”

Tori is holding him tightly, nearly in tears. In fact, I’m pretty sure she is in tears. She whispers in his ear.

Tora: “Fine, fine.”

He stands up straight and starts crossing like a normal human being. Seems she asked him to stop.

Koneko and Kitsune don’t seem to have much issue themselves. Why didn’t Tora mess with anyone else? Does he love tormenting me? Well, he messed with Tori I guess.

Tora: “Sniff. Sniff. We’re getting close.”

Neko: “Weren’t you able to finish any maze without issues before?”

We spent the entirety of this cave going through issues because of Tora… It’s getting a bit obnoxious. He just laughs and ignores the question.

Kitsune: “Who’s that?”

Neko: “What do you mean?”

I look in the direction she is pointing in. It looks like two people. We decide to get close and mingle with said people.

Neko: “Hey!”

I call out hoping to get their attention. As planned, they stop and look at us.

At first glance from the back the one with the long red hair appeared to be female, but now that I’m close and seeing him from behind, he is definitely male. I guess this is how other people feel when they mistake me for a girl. But then again, they think it even up close…

The one with him definitely isn’t a girl. She looks considerably young compared to him. Not sure if I should be considered or not.

Neko: “How are you guys doing?”

The guy with his ears down seems to ignore me. Is he like Tori? No, but, he’s looking at me. His stare is quite cold.

Neko: “Look I know you’re a dog and I’m a cat, but there’s no reason to act like a douche.”

Still, won’t talk. The girl also seems to lack dialogue. Do they not speak English? I thought that was required nowadays.

Girl: “Uh don’t mind him. He doesn’t talk to others much.”

So he IS like Tori. But in a different extreme…?

Neko: “Why is he glaring at me like that though?”

Girl: “He’s trying to act tough.”

She says in a playful tone. Whatever.

Girl: “Anyway, my name is Sapphire. And he is-”

Guy: “Inuzu no Kaze.”

That name is very Japanese. But I guess he isn’t from Japan since the other guild members also have Japanese names. To be honest I find it strange. Risu said his was a username, though, so maybe that’s the case for the others.

Sapphire: “We’re siblings. Anyway, why are you guys here?”

They don’t really look related, but if she claims as such, I can’t deny that.

Kitsune: “We came to get the Plulet, which I assume is that same as you?”

Sapphire: “Plulet? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Inu said he wanted to get something, but I don’t remember anything about Plulet.”

Kitsune: “Well we should all go together.”

Sapphire: “Sure!”

Dog: “Tch.”

If you’re so against it, why don’t you take your sister and leave? Instead, we continue the path as an even bigger group.

Tora: “Hey why don’t you guys join our guild. I notice you have animal ears too.”

That’s a fair point. We have been looking for new members. But having another Tori in the group? Well, at least they’re quiet and don’t really oppose me.

Sapphire: “All right.”

We stop and register Sapphire and Inuzu into the guild. We now have nine guild members, including Kuro of course.

We reach the end of the cave. Coming into a big and mostly empty room with two pillars, the floor and wall look like the inside of an amphibian’s guts. I’m very cautious about entering, as is everyone else.

Kitsune: “We might not want to go in quite yet… There’s-”

Ignoring her warning speech, Tora runs into the room, charging for the pillars presumably containing the Plulet.

From the right side of the room, something launches at him. It appears to be a tongue. Not another one of these traps..

But it’s only got his left leg. He tripped instantly.

Neko: “Kuro, go cut him out please.”

Kuro: “Okay!”

Kuro goes to cut the tongue. Tora seems to be being dragged slowly as well.

Kuro: “Uh, guys… It’s not that trap again…”

Neko: “What are you talking about?”

I go to check it out, Kuro ran back to the others.

It turned out to be a giant frog. Or is it a toad? I can’t tell the difference.

I signal the others to look at it.

Inuzu burst out laughing when he saw it. Nobody seemed to do anything, neither did I. What surprised me was that Tori wasn’t doing anything. I guess she wouldn’t be able to save him anyway.

I simply don’t care.

In fact a part of me is enjoying this, though I can’t say it’s funny to me. Though, I suppose in a way it is ironic since he used to eat frogs all the time.

Then, tauntingly another tongue shoots out and grapples his other leg.

This is getting to be so absurd I might even laugh.

Tora is being dragged rather slowly. At any point one of us could easily sweep in and save him, but it seems everyone around me is either enjoying it or paralyzed in fear.
Is it bad that I don’t even try to help? I mean, it’s not like I pushed him into running off, he did it on his own accord. Actually, no. I’m not a bad person, it’s his fault for being stupid and running off. Why should I feel guilty for not caring about the fact he’s dying?

And in any case, he’s an archer, he’s not supposed run into a battle and try fighting in the vanguard. He should have chosen a Melee class if he’s that energetic.

Well, he was useful for this cave. It annoys me that he died in such a place, how will we leave?

After Tora is completely eaten, Inuzu continues laughing for a while. After his moment of joy, he takes the frog out with some sort of wind magic. I guess that fits his name.

With that, I go over to the pillars containing the amulet and he runs off to the other pillar near the frog’s body and he picks something up from it. Does this place host many artifacts? Perhaps it’s just a hub for them or something, who knows?

What even is this? Can this really be considered an amulet? It looks more like a plush doll on a string…

Neko: “Are you sure this is it?”

Kitsune: “Certainly.”

Neko: “It doesn’t even have a face or any features for that matter.”

It was simply a pale coloured plushie. No clothes, no hair, nothing. How is this trustworthy at all?

After this event, we head out of the cave…

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