Neko no Shousetsu: Boku no Imouto to Isekai ni Tojikomerareta – Day 9

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July 26, 2017 by mizuneko68

Well finding Koneko has been set back yet another day. But that isn’t a big deal as long as she is found at all.

The fact of the matter is, I wasted quite a lot of time staying in this city searching around repeatedly so she must have gotten quite far by now. A whole week has gone by and just last night I decided to start looking elsewhere.

Well, it’s also been awhile since I slept. Oh well.

I get up from the bed, putting my phone in my pocket.

I walk over to the fridge and open it.

Neko: “Nothing…”

Well, I guess it makes sense. I typically eat out anyway. It’s weird, for such a medieval looking world, this place feels a lot like Earth.

Guess there’s nothing else to do so I might as well leave.

While contemplating what to do, I open the door to leave only to be confronted by a girl waiting for me.

Long orange hair about the same size as mine and brown eyes. Tail and ears of a fox. Probably Z sized breasts with casual clothing, perhaps a little too casual. Age 17, Kitsune.

Kitsune: “So you finally decided to leave your house!”

Neko: “How long have you been out here?”

Kitsune: “About… Since the incident with the dogs.”

Neko: “What the hell!? Why were you just standing at my door for so long? You could’ve knocked…”

Kitsune: “If I knocked you wouldn’t have let me in.”

Neko: “That may be true but that doesn’t mean you should wait for me come out.”

Kitsune: “Anyway, why did you leave without us?”

Neko: “Because I don’t like you guys.”

Kitsune: “Come on, don’t be tsundere.”

Neko: “What are you talking about? What do you want?”

Kitsune: “I assume you’ll be leaving again tonight?”

Neko: “Of course. I’ll leave as many times as I need.”

Kitsune: “You’ll run out of money eventually…”

Neko: “Not if I train along the way.”

Kitsune: “Well, I was wanting to come with you. In fact, you should bring everyone.”

Neko: “What for?”

Kitsune: “Well you won’t have another event like last night for one. And another reason is to go to the Frog cave in Raku.”

Neko: “Raku?”

Kitsune: “It’s the town I arrived in and suspect Koneko did as well.”

Because your names start with K?

Neko: “I don’t understand your suspicion on that idea, but it can’t hurt to check that town out…”

Kitsune: “It’s decided then.”

Neko: “No wai-”

Kitsune: “I’ll contact the others, be prepared to leave tonight.”

Fine… It couldn’t hurt, right? As long as Tora doesn’t fight anything… Well, I guess he could fight trees and rocks. Maybe not rocks…

The first night cycle of the day begins and we head out to the forest.

The group goes as follows:

Kuro, Kitsune, Risu, Tora, Tori, and myself.

Kuro is my cat. Ever since he gained the ability to communicate with me, he’s been making puns whenever he sees the opportunity. His fur is blue and he has some sort of orb on his head.

Kitsune claims she and I were friends a long time ago, but honestly I don’t remember anything about it. From what I know, Koneko is the only person I was ever friends with, sad as that may be. I don’t quite understand her… In fact, I don’t understand any of these people.

She uses a mace as a weapon.

Risu is sorta like the teacher of the guild. He would probably be a better leader than me, but for some reason, he chose me to do that, so now I’m basically stuck with these guys.

He has short messy brown hair coupled with brown eyes and glasses. He wields two kukris sheathed on his legs. The only piece of armour he wears is a single pauldron on his right shoulder. Though that’s more than I can say for the rest of us.

Tora has spiky golden hair and purple eyes. He wears a red vest over a yellow shirt and has an armband on his right arm. He really likes puzzles and mazes, so he’d be important for this forest trip if it wasn’t for the fact our phones contain a map.

And Tori… Not much to say about her. She doesn’t talk much and typically hides by Tora. Honestly, that annoys me more than Tora constantly playing around.

We spent the majority of the night in the forest. I have to say it’s quite handy having others around to help me fight. I came across the dogs again and they were very easy to kill.

By the time we got to Raku, it was already the next day cycle. Time is weird in this world. There are many day-night cycles in what is considered a full “day”, which is longer than a full day on Earth.

Oh well, this is a light novel, time doesn’t matter.

We split up and looked around the town. For some reason, Kitsune refused to leave me alone.

Neko: “Why are we looking together isn’t it better to look individually?”

Kitsune: “Why does it matter? Tora and Tori went with each other…”

Neko: “I don’t like that either, but I want to look alone.”

Kitsune: “Well we’re looking together.”


I continue looking. We decide to stop by the shopping district. It wasn’t as big or cluttered as Milmil, but there was a considerable amount of the population of Raku in this area. I imagine most of the houses in this town are empty too, doesn’t seem like a nice place to live, to be clear.

Alas, she was not in this district. We checked all the buildings as well. The next place to look is the skilling district if that even exists.

Neko: “Is there a skilling district in this town?”

Kitsune: “I don’t know. I left without checking this place out.”

Neko: “So you didn’t even give it a shot…”

What would you do had I been here as well? Then you’d be in my place.

Neko: “Well if she did arrive here, she could be half way across the world.”

Kitsune: “Don’t be silly. Nobody could walk that far in a week. Especially not an hikikomori like you two.”

Neko: “Shut up. So where do you think we should look?”

We couldn’t come up with a place… This town is too unfamiliar to me. I wonder if the others have found Koneko yet.

Neko: “Ah!”

Someone knocked into me, causing me to fall.

Neko: “What?”

Still shaking it off, I push myself up. The person in question is a girl. Actually, she looks like Koneko.

Neko: “Huh? Are you Koneko?”

She looks at me after hearing the name. At this point, I was certain it was her.

Neko: “Koneko! You’ve been here? No wonder I haven’t seen you in Milmil.”

Koneko: “Milmil? What is that?”

Neko: “The city I was in. Speaking of which, why did you stay in a place like this?”

Apparently, she wasn’t in this town when she arrived at KiiroSekai. I guess she was traveling.

She also doesn’t seem to know much about the world. We all decide to find the others and go to some sort of hotel for the night.

Finally, I was able to sleep…

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