Neko no Shousetsu: Boku no Imouto to Isekai ni Tojikomerareta – Day 8

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July 26, 2017 by mizuneko68

Neko: “No! I can’t believe was so unprepared!”

I complain to myself. The white ring began to flash brightly, blinding me as the dogs continued to gnaw on my limbs feeling as if being torn off.

As if the scene were a nightmare I jump up in shock finding myself on my bed, the cat napping soundly.

I look to my hand. The ring vanished. This is the effect of said ring. It teleports you back to your house when you are in danger and completely healed.

Great now, I need to buy another. They’re pretty expensive, too. Well, money isn’t the biggest issue here, it’s rather easy to make money in this world…

The only thing I can worry about is my sister. Where could she be? Is she even in this world? If not then there’s no point in living.

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