List of Censorous Websites:

Well, as you may or may no know, Gab is not a free-spfakkueech website. I will probably talk more about that in another post, but here's a second post for your trouble. But today, I wanted to talk about all of the websites that I know of to censor, whether I've seen it personally, or … Continue reading List of Censorous Websites:


Eromanga-sensei Review

Spoiler warning. This is about the manga, not anime. Click an image to see the pixiv source, or otherwise, booru source. Author - Tsukasa Fushimi Artist - Rin Status - Ongoing Comedy, Drama, Ecchi, Harem, Romance, Slice of Life, Loli Translated - 37 chapters Title: Eromanga-sensei Amazon People keep calling this series "incest", even though … Continue reading Eromanga-sensei Review

Saike Mata Shitemo Chapter 75 Review

I just read chapter 75 of Saike Mata Shitemo. I have to say, it quite different from the other arcs, this one. Mikan has been saying that she's afraid of "M" which is what the non-ability users are calling the ability users. Basically she's afraid of the main character, though she doesn't know it. But … Continue reading Saike Mata Shitemo Chapter 75 Review